Intelligent Green:

Discovering Your Role in the History & Future of our Woodlands

Brian Knox, Consulting Forester, Sustainable Resource Management, Inc. and
Robin Rice, Author and Contemporary Shaman

If you love our woodlands, you will love this informative and transformative one-day workshop! Come learn about the telling history of our woodlands, including the history we are writing today, and what possible futures await us. Learn what aspects of our "green" movement are truly helping our woodlands and world-at-large, and which ones are not.

In this class, you will have the opportunity to consider your role through discussion of the symbols our "green" ideals provide, the possibilities of a "collaborative role with nature," and the deepening of that sense of connection we all feel when inspired by a walk in the woods.

Through lecture, discussion, and outdoor explorations, you will discover how the trees reveal their history, how and why invasive species and insect epidemics may be our greatest threat, and how your personal life choices make a difference—regardless of where you live. We guarantee an eye-opening day to help answer the question..."What kind of footprint do you want to leave on the landscape that is our woodlands?"

Brian Knox is the President of Sustainable Resource Management, Inc. For more than twenty-five years, his passion for sustainability has helped to shape the face of forestry practices throughout the northeast. As a consultant and facilitator, he works with forest landowners, loggers and environmental groups to help them live and interact sustainably with the natural systems that surround them.

"A few hours walking in the woods with Brian Knox is a compelling education. I was also amazed to learn the history of deforestation, and that there are sustainable alternatives that I can personally participate in." T.C., Maryland

Robin Rice is an internationally published author who has studied indigenous leadership with elders from around the world. She facilitates workshops in the US and Europe.

"Immediately after the workshop with Robin Rice, felt like I was living from a deeper place, like I'd stopped looking at life through a keyhole and opened the door. Thank you, Robin, for helping me find the key." - CT

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